Privacy Policy

Hi! Welcome to the Privacy Policy document for Space & Time (collectively “App” or “Apps”) and connected online web sites and online services (collectively “Services”) related to the Space & Time project.

Space & Time is not built by a big corporation. It is built by two hobbyists with the goal to help share knowledge about our planet, and hopefully learn something ourselves in doing so. In this policy we describe how we (the developers behind Space & Time), and any third party services used, collect, use and share any information about you.

By purchasing or in any other way acquiring the App, or using our Services, you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. By using our Services, you are also confirming that you understand English well enough to understand this Policy.

Do we process Children’s Personal Information?

The simple answer is that we do NOT store or process personal information about any child or adult. The App experience is completely Ad-free and does not offer In-App purchase options. The privacy of you, and your children, is very important to us! It is relevant to note, however, that the App and Services rely on third party tools and services. These services provide their own privacy policies which are accessible from this page.

Information collection and use

The app is built using the Unity development framework, and specifically making use of the Unity Analytics package and service to help us with collection, and storage of any collected data. How Unity handles data is specified in the Unity Privacy Policy document accessible below.

At any point in time it is possible to opt-out from the data collection. To do so press the “Unity Privacy Policy and opt-out” button accessible in the App’s info page, accessible from the main menu.

Besides the standard metrics collection that comes with Unity we collect information about how the App is interacted with by the user. We do this only for the sake of understanding how we can improve the user experience. The information collected is non-personal and the data is not shared with anyone else or used in any other way. Opting-out, as described above, will also disable this data collection.

Cookies and similar techniques

The App makes use of Unity’s built-in PlayerPrefs system to store small data files on your device. The data is non-personal and contains information about:

  • The users progress through the App
  • Visited locations
  • Language and other settings

This data is only stored locally on the user’s device and not shared in any way. The data is vital for the App experience.

Our Services make use of cookies and similar web browser tracking technologies. These small data files, that are placed on your computer or device, enable to gather information about your navigation of our site, geographic location as well as operating system, browser type and version other technical details in order to improve the user experience and help us gain a better understand of the audience. Specfically this is done using Google Analytics. The data collected is non-personal and can not be used to identify a certain individual.

Use of device features
  • Camera/Web camera - If accepted by the user the mobile device Camera is used to provide a real canvas on which to project App elements such as the UI and sun. The App cannot in any way interact with personal photos on the device.
  • Location data - If accepted by the user the geolocation of the user is collected from the device allowing us to illustrate details about the users approximate location.
  • Compass - Device information is used to collect compass information based on how the device is held.
  • Regional Data - Device information about regional data is used to determine the users language, measuring units, and 24 hour clock setting.
Additional service providers

The App makes use of the Google Geocoding API to allow for searching for locations either by the use of search text (geocoding), or using latitude and longitude (reverse geocoding).

If it is accepted by the user, the App will use the latitude and longitude information gathered from the device to fetch the name and other information about the location, in order to be able to give an accurate visualization in the App. More information about the Google Geocoding API can be found here:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please understand that this Privacy Policy may change. You are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. This page will always be kept up to date with the latest changes.

Last updated 2021/09/26