Astronomical Aha-moments for kids and grown-ups

Screenshot: What is a year?

What is a year?

Screenshot: Why do we have seasons?

Why do we have seasons?

Screenshot: Augmented reality feature

When does the Sun disappear behind that house?

Screenshot: Tons of interactive guides

Learn because it's fun!

Explore and learn about Earth’s astronomy, both from space and from the surface.

  • Why do we have seasons?
  • Is it true that the Sun only rises once a year at the North Pole?
  • What is a tropic?
  • What happens during a solar eclipse?

You can get answers to these questions and many more in the app’s many guides. Astronomical concepts are explained pedagogically step by step with various interactive elements that deepen the understanding.

  • How far is it to Jamaica?
  • When does the Sun go behind that house?
  • Where is Easter Island?
  • What time is it in New Dehli?
  • In which direction is Tokyo?
  • When is the next Harvest Moon?

You can get answers to these questions and many more by exploring and experimenting in the Sandbox mode of the app. Here you can visit all corners of the earth and compare places with each other. This part is full of aha moments for both kids and grown-ups.

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